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Last Reviewed: 4/1/2010 6:28:47 PM

How to change firmware on Apple iPhone 3G or 3GS


How to change firmware on Applie iPhone 3G or 3GS


1. Turn off iphone by holding down power button (top button)
2. Press the power button for 2 seconds
3. While press the power button press the home key for about 15 seconds
4. Release power while still pressing home button until iTunes recognizes usb
5. To choose new .ipsw file, for MAC users press option + restore or for WINDOWS users press shift  + restore
6. Browse for firmware
7. It will start to extract and restore firmware, this process may take 5-10 minutes
8. Once finished, you may see the error below, disregard

9. Click ok and close iTunes
10.  Your iPhone should have the updated firmware.
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