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Last Reviewed: 5/18/2010 5:23:46 PM

Request denied by WatchGuard HTTP proxy


If you receive the following message when trying to surf to a specific website (example www.facebook.com), you most likely have a WatchGuard Firewall using Web blocker to block undesirable websites. This article explains how configure WebBlocker to allow specific web addresses.


1) Double click on the WatchGuard icon. (should be located at your desktop or click start, all programs,   and WatchGuard System Manager)

2) Click the firewall icon as shown below

3)Type the IP address of your firewall and password and click login

4) Click the plus sign to the left of the your firewall icon

5) The firewall header will expand and show the following

6) Right Click over the firewall header to expand the menu, then left click Policy Manager

7) Once you are inside Policy manger, click the subscription services tab, mouse over WebBlocker and click configure as shown below.

8) Click configure

9) Click the Exceptions tab and search for the website that you are having problems with

10) Click in the action next to the website you are having problems with. A drop down menu should appear as shown below.

11) If the rule is denied, click on the action and select allow, then click ok.

12 Click OK again


13) Now save your new config by clicking on the Floppy icon at the top.

14) Enter the configuration passphrase and click ok.

15) If  you don't see your website listed under the exceptions list, click add.

16) Leave Match type and Type  alone, just type the full website in Pattern: and hit ok. Example :wwww.facebook.com

17) If this warning come up , please hit yes

18) Once you add the site, click the corrisponding action and set it to allow




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